Mold! Many of us encounter it at some point in our lives. As quick summary, mold is a fungus that can spread very easily, but may be hard to detect. For example, in as little as 48 hours, you may have a mold infestation and not even know it’s there!

As a homeowner, this can be stressful. As a tenant, it can be scary. The list goes on…

It’s for this reason, ECER has Water Damage Specialists on call 24/7!

If you’ve had a recent water intrusion, then there’s a high chance mold spores or bacteria have grown on site.
Especially, if the water has gone untreated. Generally, some examples of water intrusion are:

  • A leaky roof
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Flooding from a storm


This is why, for many people, not treating the mold growth immediately can cause allergy-like symptoms. Similarly, you may be exposed to other health risks if proper action isn’t taken. In the case of children & pets, this can be additionally alarming.

Therefore, if you suspect signs of mold, you should seek the help of our remediation specialists ASAP.

Our professionals use proven remediation techniques and advanced equipment to provide you with top-notch service.

  • Our mission is to respond quickly to the matter at hand.
    •  Consequently, a quick response will lower the chance of any further damage to your home.
  • Experience & knowledge is required to identify and address the issue at hand.
    • This is because misdiagnosing the hazard can lead to wrong, ineffective remediation processes.
  • You can guarantee that our team will provide a thorough explanation of what’s going on at your property.
    • As a general rule of thumb, we will keep you in the loop so you know what’s going on.
  • Expect us to outline the necessary steps to achieve a healthy dwelling.
    • Our unwavering goal is getting your home to its pre-loss condition.